Bouchard Clinic

Bouchard Clinic

A long history of supporting obesity management

The Bouchard Clinic, a private health facility located in the heart of Marseille, has been recognised since its creation in 1936 for the quality of its services and the excellence of its medical teams. Over the years, the clinic has been able to adapt to medical innovations and the needs of its patients. Today, it is renowned for the global management of obesity, with surgical techniques adapted to different patient profiles.

The Bouchard Clinic’s medical and paramedical team comprises experienced surgeons, dieticians, psychologists and other health professionals who work together to provide personalised, multidisciplinary management of obesity. This approach makes it possible to identify the most appropriate method for each patient and to ensure rigorous follow-up throughout the care journey.

The Bouchard Clinic offers a range of innovative surgical techniques to treat obesity, including endoscopic sleeve, gastrectomy sleeve, gastric bypass and gastric balloon placement. These procedures are performed by specialised surgeons and physicians who rely on state-of-the-art medical equipment.

In addition to providing quality care, Clinique Bouchard is also involved in researching and developing new techniques to treat obesity. The institution participates in clinical studies and collaborates with international research centres to improve practices and advance knowledge.

In conclusion, the Bouchard Clinic in Marseille is a private health facility of excellence in managing obesity. Through its rich history and commitment to medical innovation, the clinic offers a comprehensive and personalised approach to help patients regain their health and well-being.

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