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Dr Patrick Noel - Obesity Care Clinic

Best Way to Lose Weight

Dr Marius Nedelcu - Explanation about bariatric surgery

Obesity Care Clinic - Presentation

The Avocado - A Super Food

Episode 1: Pasta - A Staple of Balanced Diets

Episode 2: Pasta and Its Nutritional Profile

Struggling to choose

Considering a diet or endoscopic sleeve

Discover Obesity Care Clinic

Dr Thierry Manos

Episode 3: Pasta and Portion Control

Christophe Bastid Client Testimonial

Episode 4: Choosing the Right Pasta 🌱🍝

Stuck in an endless cycle of trying to lose weight? 🔄

Episode 5: Healthy Pasta Recipes for Weight Loss! 🍝💪

Discover the world of endoscopic bariatric procedures with Dr. Thierry Manos

Avocado and Heart Health ❤️🥑

Avocado and Its Nutritional Riches 🥑

Explanation about the sleeve with Dr. Marius Nedelcu

Unleash the Power of Transformation at Obesity Care Clinic

Avocado and Skin Health 🥑

Embark on a transformative weight loss journey with Obesity Care Clinic!

Avocado on Your Plate: Recipes and Tips 🥑

Discover the Endoscopic Sleeve procedure

Episode 1: The Tomato A Vibrant Delight 🍅

Episode 2: Tomatoes and Their Nutritional Bounty 🍅

Gastric Sleeve surgery - Client Testimonial

Patient Involvement in Weight Loss: Dr. Thierry Manos on the Endosleeve Reset

Episode 3: Tomatoes and Heart Health ❤️

Episode 4: Tomatoes and Skin Health 🍅

Seeking the Best Path to Weight Loss?

Episode 5: Tomatoes on Your Plate: Recipes and Tips 🍅

Episode 1: The Nutritious Apple 🍎

Episode 2: Apples and Weight Loss 🍏

Episode 3: Apples: Good for your Heart 🍏

Episode 4: Lowering Diabetes Risk with Apples 🍏

Episode 5: Apples for Gut Health 🍏

Episode 1: The Nutritious Cucumber

Episode 2: Cucumbers and Weight Loss

Episode 3: Cucumbers: Good for Digestion 🥒

Episode 4: Reducing Diabetes Risk with Cucumbers

Episode 5: Cucumbers for Radiant Skin

Episode 1: The Zesty Lemon

Episode 2: Lemons and Digestive Health

Episode 3: Boosting Immunity with Lemons

Episode 4: Detoxifying with Lemons

Episode 5: Refreshing Lemonade for Weight Loss

Introduction Dr. Patrick Noël

Dr. Patrick Noel's guidance on the Gastric Bypass!

Join Dr. Patrick Noel on an in-depth journey through the Gastric Sleeve procedure

Discover the world of Bariclip with Dr. Patrick Noel!

Discover the world of Mini Bypass with Dr. Patrick Noel!

Unlock the world of Transit Bi-Partitions Intestinales with Dr. Patrick Noel!

Gastric Sleeve Failures with Dr. Patrick Noel!

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